The New Era of Social Bookmarking

Trunkl.y is taking social bookmarking to a whole new level.
Why? Because it keeps track of all the links you show any interest in, all over the social web. Bookmarked something in Delicious? Tweeted an interesting link? Liked something on Facebook? captures anything from:

* Twitter

* Facebook

* Delicious

* Tumblr

* Posterous

* WordPress

* Instapaper

* RSS Feeds

Trunkl.y’s emphasis really is on the social part of bookmarking, meaning that whatever you bookmarked and wherever you bookmarked it, trunkly is going to help you keep track.


How many times have you though something like this: “What was that movie again I liked on the web last week?” or “Where did I read that interesting article yesterday?”
Finding whatever you’re looking for if you have no clue where to look, is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Thanks to Trunkl.y you simply have to remember what your article or movie was about. Search for anything that was mentioned on the page you’re looking for and will find it for you. calls it “personally curated search, without the overhead of tagging and describing links”. But of course you can tag your links too if you’re used to doing so.’s newest social search feature may put a small kink in Google’s master plan to become more social. Why? Because is social and it always has been, while Google is a search engine – cobbler , stick to thy last.

The new social search feature on enables you to search the content of the users you’re interested in, which means that you’ll only get content that really matters to you. The idea is to fully take advantage of your friend’s knowledge on certain subjects, as well as their interests.

Thanks to many handy tools like the bookmarklet, you can add any link to your You can also add One Key Search to Chrome or Firefox, to search directly within your browser. There’s also a button and a widget that you can add to your blog. And like every good social media tool, you can develop your own tools for through its REST API.

Seems like they’ve got it all covered, doesn’t it?

Ready to enter the new social bookmarking era?

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