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Monopoly: Jailbreak Your Favorite Token!

Which Monopoly token will stay behind bars…forever?


Monopoly is entering the 21st century by replacing one of its iconic, 1930s tokens by a more contemporary one. Therefore, fans are asked to vote for their favorite token on Facebook and Twitter by using the hashtag #tokenvote. Ryan Mugford, senior director of global brand strategy and marketing of Hasbro Gaming, says:

“The tokens that are in the game today represent household items from the 1930s when the game was first introduced. “We decided to introduce a token to the game that represents today’s Monopoly players and knew we had to involve our fans in the process. We thought the best way to do that would be to have a worldwide vote.”


Care to send some cake via Facebook?


Delight your Facebook friends with some virtually real treats


We live in a digital era, so why not delight your friends with a treat via those web 2.0 platforms? Treater does just that!

You can send your Facebook friends a voucher for a free coffee at Starbucks or a free cupcake at their favorite bakery or coffee shop.

You pay online and your friends can redeem their gif via email or mobile phone. No need to have a Facebook account!

So, who are you going to treat today?


Facebook: Mind the Enter Key

I’ve got some fresh social medias news for all of you!

Some of you probably already noticed some changes in how Facebook Comments are handled.

Facebook removed the “comment” button you had to hit to post your comment posted.


Now, once you’ve finished typing your message, all you have to do is hit ENTER.

Plus, if you want to edit your comment, you no longer have to remove it and rewrite it. Now, by clicking on the “x” you’ll have the option to edit your post.

To delete it, simply delete the content of the box and it’s like you’ve never written anything.


Nespresso Mystery: More than you see

As you might remember from the last Nespresso Mystery post, I was eagerly waiting for the big reveal, which finally happened yesterday.

Not too soon I might add. I had hoped for more little clues here and there until the big reveal but I guess the Nespresso marketing department knows what its doing.

As many already had speculated, the new thing is a new Nespresso machine – What Else?

“Another machine? Don’t they have plenty already? “ you might think.

Well, you can never have enough machines if you want to boost your sales, right?

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