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Meet Aliaz: The French

Aliaz: Your digital self…French style!, and now Aliaz, are like doorways to your digital self. Creating such a profile can be useful if you want to have a semblance of control over your web presence.
For example, you could hand your Aliaz to your future employer and he can discover you on the web from there (and through Google Search but ain’t nothin’ we can do ’bout that!). It’s like your online business card. You can put in whatever you want to promote (and hide whatever you’re too embarrassed to show).


Monopoly: Jailbreak Your Favorite Token!

Which Monopoly token will stay behind bars…forever?


Monopoly is entering the 21st century by replacing one of its iconic, 1930s tokens by a more contemporary one. Therefore, fans are asked to vote for their favorite token on Facebook and Twitter by using the hashtag #tokenvote. Ryan Mugford, senior director of global brand strategy and marketing of Hasbro Gaming, says:

“The tokens that are in the game today represent household items from the 1930s when the game was first introduced. “We decided to introduce a token to the game that represents today’s Monopoly players and knew we had to involve our fans in the process. We thought the best way to do that would be to have a worldwide vote.”


CheckThis: Social Posters

Between nothing and a blog

If your thoughts don’t fit into 140 characters and if you don’t want to go throught the hassle of setting up your blog, CheckThis is probably your best bet to get creative without a hassle.

CheckThis lets you get creative without any technical knowledge or without having to worry about building an audience for you blog first. Content can be created on the go and shared quickly. You can chose if your poster lasts a day, a week, a month or forever. The posters are easily shareable through various social networks. The micro-publishing tool integrates especially well with Facebook and Twitter.


Escape to Haven on SyFy

Haven continues its Twitter integration which was first introduced in Season 2.

Short before the launch of the long awaited Season 3 of Haven, fans came across the following hashtag on Twitter: #EscapeToHaven.
Ealier in Septembre, a few weeks before the premiere of  Season 3, Vince and Dave’s Twitter accounts and the Haven YouTube channel were hijacked by a mysterious new Haven townee: The Guard.

This new and mysterious entity urges every troubled person to #EscapeToHaven to be safe. You can discover what The Guard is all about through four videos on SyFy’s YouTube Channel playlist called #EscapeToHaven. Play the entire playlist and you will also see what another Haven resident has to say about The Guard.

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